“With all your sight there’s no sight to see…”

by Katie Pizzuto on November 25, 2010

in Thanksgiving

We often take vacations for granted…as some sort of earned reprieve doled out between the sentences we serve as working masses. But at some point, during some vacation or other, you find yourself northbound on US1, with water lapping at either side of you while the Yeah Yeah Yeahs murmur in the background…or something like that, anyway. And that moment of dusk that flashes against the sky makes you wonder whether you’re chasing daylight or moonlight as you shake the ghosts of Key West out of your hair. Chasing daylight or moonlight…an important question.

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans,” or so says John Lennon. It took me 30 years to really get that despite the fact that I’d recited it dozens of times as if I were some sort of guru. You spend months planning for a vacation, looking forward to a vacation, imagining the vacation. And when you get there, you sit on the beach planning that evening’s dinner, or where the next day’s trek will take you. And all that bullshit eats away at your brain’s supposed reprieve, until you find yourself planning what time you need to get up the following morning to head home…so you can go back to your shackles and begin making plans for the next vacation. Chasing daylight or moonlight?

Priorities are no easy measure to sort, stack and set but I’d like to think that, for most of us, that proverbial bulb does go on in our head at some point, and reshuffling those priorities becomes less of a goal and more of a desperate, immediate need. This Thanksgiving crept up on me like a silent, stalking jaguar because of “plans” and I honestly felt no desire to sit here and dish out some rhetoric about how fucked up its history is, what wine pairing suggestions piss me off, or what food myths surround the holiday. And now, as my fingers bang away at the keyboard at 7:30 in the morning I realize that I may be too late with these thoughts. But I don’t care. If you are too busy to read this today, that’s a good thing…or at least I hope it is.

It’s just that I had a moment. Perhaps it was the spirit of Hemingway overtaking me for a spell. Perhaps it was the notion that I had nowhere I needed to be at any given time, and that was fine by me. Perhaps it was the realization that no matter how many plans I had tried to make for one special dinner in Key West, life apparently had other plans for me. And that all was suddenly OK. That moment, in all its imperfection, was OK…better than OK, in fact. So when the car ride back to the mainland found me somewhere between Marathon Key and the rest of my life, I found myself in a moment where I was no longer planning for the next day or mourning the loss of the current day. I was just in the moment. Chasing neither daylight nor moonlight. And I wish the same moment for you…at whatever point life decides to hand it to you. Happy Thanksgiving.

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1 linsey November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from me and Anthony, have a good day and see you when you are back up here again


2 Hank November 25, 2010

Great post! Kind of sums up my feelings about the entire “holiday season”. The journey is always better than the destination. Unless you’re flying.


3 Coupe 60 November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Katie to you and your family. And Happy Thanksgiving to everybody here…

I am thankful that I am lucky enough to spend this holiday with my family…


4 Katie Pizzuto November 25, 2010

Thanks to all you guys…now go eat!


5 Tania Gomez November 25, 2010

nice post my inspiring niece! thanks for spending this special day with us in Miami. Hope it won’t be the last. I know this will be one of my better ones. much love and look forward to many more inspiring thoughts from you! A Happy Thanksgiving to all who read this blog. God Bless us all!


6 PintofStout November 25, 2010

Heck yeah! Woot, woot, woot!

This reminded me of my best vacation ever. A week of doing absolutely nothing on a beach. Sure, it had a giant storm that chased us from our tent to the car, and the campground looked like Hooverville with stuff hung out to dry in the morning, but it was a minor setback that punctuated the rest of the lazy. Inspired a poem, it did: Beach Vacation. (There is also a long-winded narrative of the whole trip, too, posted ’bout the same time, I guess). Whatever.

FYI, this makes for fine after dinner reading while avoiding the inevitable cleanup. Thanks.


7 Katie Pizzuto November 25, 2010

Glad to hear it. We newd to plan less and yet “do” more. Best to your family.


8 castello November 26, 2010

I’m much too busy to read this drivel right now. NOT!
It reminded me of perhaps my best vacation day ever. I was in Cancun for a week with a couple buddies and had been running around seeing the sites and drinking too much for days. The last day we didn’t have any plans. We just sat by the pool and relaxed all day. in the moment,


9 Heavy Pete December 2, 2010

Someone once wrote that there are no more obnoxious a class of person than returning vacationists. You, my dear, are the exception. Sage observations.



10 Katie Pizzuto December 3, 2010

Aww, thanks Pete. Every once in a while I feel the overwhelming desire to write something on this blog completely unrelated to food, wine, beer, etc. Then I remember, oh it’s my blog, I can write whatever the hell I want 🙂


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