“Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, we’re so glad you could attend…”

by Katie Pizzuto on June 14, 2010

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“…Come inside, come inside.” Hope you like the new digs. Make yourselves at home, but note one important thing: in order to stay current with all things Gonzo, please make sure you sign up for either the RSS or email feed over to the left. The old subscription won’t have anything new to send you anymore. Still working out a few of the bumps and bruises of transitioning to the new look, but it’s still the same bat station. New post coming in a day or two, just wanted to get my new “face” up for the week. Welcome, and for christ’s sake, somebody make me a drink, please.

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1 Elle June 14, 2010

Hey, digging the new look!


2 Jeff Gaynor June 14, 2010




3 jim June 14, 2010

You and Barb do great work. Congratulations on your new virtual easel.


4 Linsey June 14, 2010

Looking good – grabs you a drink … iced adam’s ale!


5 Linsey June 14, 2010

Hey I got a little avatar – cool!


6 Linsey June 14, 2010

Awww avatar gone!


7 Katie Pizzuto June 15, 2010

You liked the monsters, I take it?! LOL. I liked my little “mystery dude” better 🙂


8 Linsey June 15, 2010

I liked the bit that each name had its own one.

9 Coupe 60 June 14, 2010

Katie, not sure if this is an issue or not. got the email notification that I had to go back and sign up again at the new site…When I went to sign up again, I got an error page that said that I was already subscribed to the mailing list of Gonzo Gastronomy…


10 Katie Pizzuto June 14, 2010

Will look into it with my developer and let you know…you might be fine. Thanks Lou!


11 Barbara June 14, 2010

Lou and Katie,

Katie had two feeds on her old site; one was delivered via Wordpress.com and also one delivered via Feedburner, which is the one that’s been kept for this application. You were most likely already signed up for and received her feed from Feedburner, hence that message when you tried to subscribe. This action really pertains to those who might have subscribed via the WordPress feed as that is now defunct and those subscribers need to resubscribe to continue getting her feed.


12 Coupe 60 June 14, 2010

Ehhh…the developer never admits there’s a problem….Let me speak with the Test Manager… 🙂

jk, Thanks for the update Barbara….


13 Barbara June 14, 2010

Hey, I am the Test Manager. Well, and the receptionist and I guess the janitor too!


14 Coupe 60 June 14, 2010

Well I can’t vouch for how clean the place is or how quick the phones are answered, but the website looks damn good…

15 Katie Pizzuto June 14, 2010

Thanks all! Glad you’re diggin’ it!


16 Jim June 14, 2010

Very edgy new digs, Katie. Looking good! I just resubscribed to the email feed. Do I get one of those cool hats with my (un)paid subscription? How ’bout a phone in the shape of a mandolin slicer?


17 Don June 14, 2010

NIce! Kinda Raging Bitch on the font, or for those of you old enough to remember the liner notes on Pink Floyd’s The Wall. Nice Digs.


18 Katie Pizzuto June 14, 2010

Thanks Jim/Don…No, Jim, no hats…maybe some truffles left in your mailbox one of these days if you’re nice.
And yeah, Don, plenty old enough to remember the liner notes of The Wall. The font I used in the header is a play off of Ralph Steadman’s art, who did all of Hunter Thompson’s stuff. Like this: http://amzn.to/cGFQiK


19 Dragon June 14, 2010

Loving the new look!


20 Coupe 60 June 14, 2010

Katie – I do like the new look in general, and I really like the “reply” feature in the comments…


21 Katie Pizzuto June 14, 2010

Great, nothing like a kid with a new toy. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, Lou 🙂


22 Coupe 60 June 14, 2010

and really…who has as little knowledge as me…. 🙂


23 Coupe 60 June 14, 2010

one small complaint – The new design is too wide to appear completely on my laptop screen without scrolling horizontally or zooming out on my firefox browser…

I am really too lazy to do either one …so I will be pretty much skipping over the last few words that appear on any line…Please try and keep your good stuff in the first 80% or so of each line, or at least one (and most likely only one) loyal reader will not see it…


24 Coupe 60 June 14, 2010

I bet I don’t have to put up with stuff like that on the boozemonkey blog…



25 Katie Pizzuto June 14, 2010

If you scroll over so the sidebar on the left disappears, you still don’t get the whole post at once? I will remember your request….keeping the good stuff within the first 80% of each line shouldn’t be an issue since I’ve only got enough “good stuff” to cover 20% at best…the rest is fluff 😉


26 Coupe 60 June 14, 2010

1st – after your reply on the WLTV forums, I have a tough time typing anything but “Yes Katie” with a smile on my face…

2nd – I thought I explained that I was too lazy to scroll over in my original post on this…but yes if I deign to scroll over, the issue disappears…

3rd – I’m back to #1


27 smokenmirrors June 14, 2010

Nice layout Katie!
It is a little difficult to scroll through on my mobile.
But looks great on a standard screen


28 Don June 14, 2010

Could you make it so if I look at the screen on my mobile phone that it automatically goes into page view mode. That way i don’t have to push that one button. Oh, and also, could you maybe make it so my icon appears here? I don’t see why Jim’s does and mine doesn’t. and finally I was thinking that the gray is so drab, maybe a nice sky blue or chartreuse…

And be a dear and go get me a beer…



29 Katie Pizzuto June 14, 2010

Actually, the fact that your avatar isn’t there is a legitimate gripe but I have no idea why it doesn’t show up. My fuckin’ head is reeling….tomorrow is another day! I don’t like the “mystery man” avatar in b&w either….going to color!


30 Heather June 15, 2010

LOVING the new look girl. Can’t wait to meet more of your demons… oh wait I think I know em all…


31 k2 June 16, 2010

Looks awesome!


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