WORDLESS WEDNESDAY – "And looking up I noticed I was late…"

by Katie Pizzuto on November 5, 2009

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1 Elle November 5, 2009

Following the Wordless Wednesday tradition: “speechless.”

There’s nothing I can say that won’t make me sound like an asshole. And I’ve given it some thought, too. 😉


2 Katie Pizzuto November 5, 2009

LMAO, Elle. Last time, one of our readers, Ed, was actually able to make some sense out of a menu screw up. Let’s see if he comes through on Wogs 🙂


3 Linsey November 5, 2009

i am really really trying to think of what the spelling that should have been there was … I cant – so Im speechless too


4 Mark November 5, 2009

Too funny!
Just for shits and giggles, I went to the almighty wikipedia and plugged in Wogs – sure enough it’s a real “meat” term.
-WOG, a whole chicken, WithOut Giblets.

Who knew…

Great stuff as usual Katie!


5 Mark November 5, 2009

Here’s another possibility: (Wog was originally used in Australia as a slang term for illnesses such as colds, the flu or malaria.)

Maybe they were trying to nicely say – This way to the cold, flu and malaria infected aisles.


6 Katie Pizzuto November 5, 2009

Ah, but they are FRESH Wogs, Mark, lest we forget, LOL! I also love that they differentiate the THIGH meat from the rest of the animal parts. I guess there’s a big restaurant demand for those.


7 castello November 6, 2009

My giblets are in a bunch now.


8 Jim November 9, 2009

Turns out I prefer WOGs (fresh ones, of course). Who knew? Always learning new stuff here, Katie!


9 Bren November 9, 2009

hahahahaha! and on my b-day nonetheless! comiquisimo! (i posted this comment on the wrong post.)


10 Katie Pizzuto November 9, 2009

I’ll wish you felicidades twice, baby…no worries!! Enjoy!


11 Mark November 12, 2009

I can’t say I have any idea what Wogs would be…..Hogs? Does that even make sense?

Honestly I find the Thigh Meat kind of strange to be up on the marquee as well, didn’t know that was usually advertised like that.


12 Katie Pizzuto November 12, 2009

I guess perhaps I’ll drop Restaurant Depot an email and see if we can make any sense of the sign…on both Wogs and Thighs!


13 Mary November 12, 2009

I must say this is an unusal word but by all means it is a term. I shop at restaurant depot and it is a great place. I got a good laugh at the blogs but maybe we should determine what the words mean before blasting a business. And the reason thigh meat is promoted the way it is….is beacuse there is a lot of Spanish clientel that purchase the thigh meat for tacos and other demands. Restaurant Depot is a great place seems like you just promoted them GREAT JOB!!


14 Katie Pizzuto November 12, 2009

I find it odd that you think I’m blasting them, Mary?! In fact, we were just having some laughs about a word we couldn’t explain. I just dropped Restaurant Depot and email and got an immediate response, which goes to show you what a great group of people they have working there…and they answered my question with no sense of insult at all.

Wogs, as Mark mentioned earlier, does in fact mean “Without Giblets”where poultry is concerned. I guess if the sign had showed it as WOGs instead of Wogs, we would have assumed it was an acronym quicker. Don’t know about you all but I intend on adding WOGs to my vocabulary and using it extensively over the Thanksgiving table, probably after one too many beers or glasses of wine, if for no other reason than to look smarter than the dog.


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