"Thank you terror, thank you disillusionment, thank you frailty…"

by Katie Pizzuto on November 24, 2009

in Thanksgiving

It’s been a standing tradition in my family for as long as I can remember, that each person at the Thanksgiving table take a turn in letting everyone know what they are most thankful for. This year, I plan on saving all the good shit like, “The health of my family, still having a job in this market, a bounty of food to share with loved ones” for the dinner table, but you guys have become a family of sorts to me (one in need of therapy, but one nonetheless) so I thought I’d share the rest of my list with you. Feel free to add your own as well:

I’m thankful for:

Balloon Boy (obviously a student of classic literature) who in a moment of sheer panic asked himself, “What would Anne Frank do?”

Kanye West, for the only interesting 30 seconds of television on the VMAs

Rachel Ray, because she’s a constant reminder that the American Dream must still be alive and breathing if a glorified salesgirl can become the face of a FOOD channel while actual chefs are getting their pink slips

Toy Story I and II in 3-D…seriously.

Rush Limbaugh, for quitting ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown after getting flack for comments about black quarterback Donovan McNabb. I’ve heard rumors that Al Sharpton will be filling in as “temporary racist.”

Japan’s All Nippon Airways, for trying to lower carbon emissions and keep our planet green by asking passengers to take a shit before boarding so that they’ll weigh less. I’m sure airport sanitation workers are thankful as well.

Tofurkey, because I can serve one to the needy vegans and, by doing so, continue to rub my turkey down with herb-flecked duck fat.

• Lastly, Sarah Palin, for making George W. Bush seem like a well-thought-out, articulate politician.

Happy Holiday, all!


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1 Linsey November 24, 2009

Gets the food item out the way first…

Thankful for trying new style of foods and loving them.

Im also ..

Thankful for the love of a special guy in my life.

and last but not least … wants to be thankful tomorrow night that my mum’s operation went fine and shes recovering well.

I’m in a sentimental rather than quirky comment mood …


2 RJ Flamingo November 24, 2009

I am thankful for the ability to mail-order wine and for fabulous and witty new friends. XXOOXX


3 castello November 25, 2009

Good luck Linsey.
LMAO about the Nippon Airline. Did they really say that!?
thanks RJ, my address is……..
Good point about Sarah. I almost forgot what a rough 8 years that was.


4 Katie Pizzuto November 25, 2009

@Linsey…best energy being sent your way (and your mom’s) today.

@Renée…right back atcha!

@Ed…Yup, they really ask passengers to do that. Was all over the news!


5 Linsey November 25, 2009

Thanks – Mum didnt have the operation – it was decided that it would be too dangerous with her history – so we go from here …


6 Jim November 25, 2009

I’m thankful for all the wonderful beers out there, especially the Bruery’s Autumn Maple, of which I just scored five bottles for Turkey Day when it’s sold out everywhere (I think this technically makes me thankful for wine stores that carry a small selection of good beers that don’t sell very well).

Anyway, happy Thanksgiving everyone. be safe!


7 Katie Pizzuto November 25, 2009

My best wishes either way, Lin.

@Jim…I’m so with you. There are a couple of good wine shops that carry a small but eclectic selection of beers that don’t usually sell well because people go there for wine…I frequent those for my beer finds as well, including Brew Dog’s stuff and Ommegang’s!


8 castello November 25, 2009

For the beer lovers, I just found a new vlog at bigbeerblog.com I like it.


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