WORDLESS WEDNESDAY – "Don't tell Mama, whatever you do…"

by Katie Pizzuto on September 30, 2009

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1 Elle September 30, 2009

Oh, he’s got good taste. All he needs is some spicy salsa, cold beer, and a few friends, and it’s a squirrel party.

Fuck those acorns!


2 Katie Pizzuto September 30, 2009

Elle, that’s quite possibly the funniest comment I’ve ever gotten, LMFAO.


3 Linsey September 30, 2009

Nice one Elle lol

I like squirrels, loved Central Park and G W Park with all of them running around.

Best thing – seeing that old oriental man feeding them by hand in turn – so cute and cool


4 jim mosier September 30, 2009

After getting a nut, the only sensible thing for a male squirrel to do is refuel. “One moment honey, keep ‘er warm. Daddy’s coming back. Look I brought you people food!”


5 Katie Pizzuto September 30, 2009

Or maybe there is no female….maybe he’s hungry after bustin’ a nut? LOL.


6 Mark September 30, 2009

Ha! Good comeback Katie!

These fury little vermins might look nice and cute, but you don’t want a family of them somehow falling down your chimney and ultimately into your fireplace. We had three of them trapped in our fireplace once and it was a frickin’ circus trying to get them out and back into the wild. One of these nasty, hissing critters nearing escaped in our house. My brother and I caught him in a large bag and then set him free.


7 castello September 30, 2009

They’ll eat your garden to bits. My buddy traps them and we eat them at X-mas. Best with a Petite Sirah.


8 Katie Pizzuto September 30, 2009

So true, Mark….really cute, but lots of trouble — like my kid.


9 Linsey September 30, 2009

awwwwwwwwwwww squirrel roast – ur eating squirrel nutkin – awwwwwwwww


10 Katie Pizzuto October 1, 2009

And here I thought they’d pair better with something “gamey” like a CdP 🙂


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