"I'm a ram, bet your life I am…"

by Katie Pizzuto on April 1, 2009

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tamaya_bottle_rose_pinkgoat_2006“Undoubtedly one of the crappiest wines in the world.” That’s what I would’ve thought if I had passed this label by on a wine store shelf. Silly, inane, unsophisticated, amateurish—all true, but thankfully only true about the label, not the juice. We often wind up taking ourselves altogether too seriously in the wine world, snubbing wines like the one pictured, figuring anyone who gives THAT little thought to the label must give equally as little thought to their winemaking. Untrue. Every now and again we need to check ourselves and remember to pull our sense of humor from out of our tightly clenched ass cheeks. What better day to do this than on a day few of us take seriously—April Fools Day.

Tamaya’s Pink Goat Rosé looks pretty damned silly upon first inspection. Little ram horns aren’t exactly the most enticing, especially with all the critter labels floating around. But perhaps because I’m an Aries (the ram) and celebrating a birthday today, I kinda felt drawn towards the poor thing. Little did I know it would run head first into me, knocking me to my unsuspecting ass—the wine was really, really good. Extremely dark for a rosé, for sure, and made with syrah. It looks more like a Beaujolais, to be honest. But it was aromatic and full of personality. Loads and loads of berries and even pomegranate if you ask me. It was full bodied but still maintained a really nice backbone of acidity, and even had a few floral notes. In all, the caliber of this wine was completely unexpected—happy friggin’ birthday to me. For 10 bones, it’s an amazing value, particularly with summer on our heels. Bring this baby to a barbecue and you will no doubt be invited again.

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1 Dale Cruse April 1, 2009

Our stars must be aligned because I enjoyed this very same wine yesterday! Happy birthday and thanks for all the hard work recently!


2 Thom Calabrese April 1, 2009

You are a riot. How often will Dregs appear?
Very well done!


3 Katie Pizzuto April 1, 2009

@Dale….holy cow! Gazillions of wines in this lovely world and you and I had the same one within a day or two..too funny! And thanks for the bday wishes!

@Thom…THANKS!!!!! If Dregs is as successful as we hope it will be, the goal is to turn it into an ongoing site with contributing bloggers. Enjoy!!


4 Yvette April 1, 2009

happy birthday my friend!


5 Linsey April 1, 2009

happy birthday katie im sure you will be enjoying some seriously good wine today… more champagne even?


6 Katie Pizzuto April 1, 2009

Thanks ladies…I’m SURE Champagne will be popped tonight, Linsey!


7 Coupe 60 April 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Katie…

What did that wine run you, if you don’t mind me asking?


8 Katie Pizzuto April 1, 2009

Hell no, I don’t mind you asking, except that I SAID IT IN THE POST 😯

Mine was a sample, but it runs anywhere from about $10 to $13 Lou. You can probably hunt it down on Wine Searcher for stores in NJ that carry it.


9 wrtish April 2, 2009

This looks good – and if Dale’s drinking it too, double good! But where is it from… France?


10 Dale Cruse April 2, 2009

That wine is from Chile.


11 Katie Pizzuto April 2, 2009

Very silly of me to not mention country…geez! Must be dregs on the brain!


12 Linsey April 2, 2009

how was yesterday katie – fun?


13 The Wine Commonsewer April 3, 2009

Hippo Birdees, Two Ewes.

The Dregs thing was very cool. I posted it at FB, where I have a bunch of wine friends, some of whom are actually movers and shakers. I didn’t post it at TWC. Ordinarily I would blame the wine, or the tax season, but really it is because my ISP sucks and I’ve been having major connectivity issues. In fact, had I not posted the BevMo post early and scheduled it to fire up at the appointed time, it would not have been up.

Long and whiny way around the barn to say sorry for not giving 100%.

BTW, your site still doesn’t like my version of FireFox.


14 Katie Pizzuto April 3, 2009

Thanks, Mike…that’s the cutest birthday, er I mean birdee, wish ever!

Perhaps if you moved to, you know, civilization, you could get some decent ISP server. But perfect isolation ain’t so perfect 😉

Your BevMo post was awesome and I was thrilled to see such good writing coming from all the bloggers. The hope is that this will continue and create a life of its own. Thanks for giving. Period.

And perhaps your fox offended my RAM.


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