WORDLESS: “This is the end, beautiful friend, then end…”

by Katie Pizzuto on August 6, 2012

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1 linsey August 8, 2012

Dont tell me… if you look through it a beer can appears in 3d?


2 coupe 60 August 15, 2012

When i first saw the title on my BlackBerry, i thought you were closing up shop. Thank Goodness it is not true.


3 Katie Pizzuto August 15, 2012

It’s kinda true…you weren’t far off. I didn’t feel like writing a long, tear-and-wine-soaked goodbye so I went with a “Wordless” goodbye, and not on a wednesday. Life’s gotten a bit overwhelming and the blog has suffered for it. I don’t post as often, which of course causes a loss in readership and a drop in comments/conversation. I’d rather burn out than fade away at this point (a song lyric that almost got used as the title). I’m not going away altogether, and will probably guest post here and there on other sites, but for now this station will only be sending out static.

Then again, maybe I’m just subconsciously poising myself for a huge comeback in the new year….


4 François August 23, 2012

Yeah, when life throws ya a few fast ones and you’re left wondering when everything got so complicated. Au revoir, chère!


5 John Mc December 3, 2012

What the wine blog?!? I was finally just catching up. Please don’t call it quits. I love your humor and your insight.


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