WORDLESS WEDNESDAY – "Pick up the pieces…"

by Katie Pizzuto on March 17, 2010

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My story at: http://bit.ly/9TWgMD

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1 Linsey March 17, 2010

you just needed the fountain pen nib and you would have your logo!


2 Joe March 17, 2010

I’m not gonna lie. I’ve done that before. Once or twice. Inherently clumsy + drinking = mayhem and broken stuff.


3 Katie Pizzuto March 17, 2010

Did you guys check out the post in the link? It was a painful loss…not just a “regular” wine glass, but a $35 Eisch Breathable! Still recoiling in horror 🙁


4 Katie Pizzuto March 17, 2010

And you’re right, Linsey…hadn’t even thought of that!


5 Linsey March 17, 2010

lol Katie – I thought that it was intentional to look like your logo


6 castello March 17, 2010

You’ve learned a valuble lesson. Now you deserve to go out and but some real glasses. I’ve got a couple big ass glasses that change the whole experience. The whole bottle fits in them and you can still stick half your face in it.


7 Don March 17, 2010

This is a blogging risk, and you should be able to claim it as a business “loss”. I would think that fancy pants wine glasses should be an allowable business expense, right? I hope you had a good time breaking it. Judging from all the empties you might have 😉


8 Katie Pizzuto March 17, 2010

I’ve seen those glasses, Ed….you’ve got ’em, huh? How much do you pour in at one time and what do you think of them?

@Don…I didn’t have a good enough time breaking it…it was only my 2nd glass of the night 🙁 Did you look carefully at the empties, BTW? One, now that I look, wasn’t even wine…see the Cantillon? Lambic! I’m on the phone with my accountant now, checking into those business expenses of mine.


9 Don March 17, 2010

I did notice the Cantillion. I wish I could get their stuff out here! Have to settle for Monks Cafe and that stuff with the yellow labels.


10 Joe March 17, 2010

yeah, read the story. always one of life’s greatest tragedies (tongue in cheek, but barely). I’d put it up there with dropping and breaking a good bottle of wine or scotch.


11 castello March 18, 2010

They are really nice. You don’t need to pour more than normal and you can do a mean swirly thang.


12 Katie Pizzuto March 18, 2010

Why don’t you just order from someone like Bruisin’ Ales, Don? They always carry it. Or, move to NY/NJ…we get plenty 😉

Well, peeps, I think it’s time to go glass shopping. Birthday is in a couple of weeks anyway…lady deserves to treat herself now and again.


13 ConstanceC March 18, 2010

I’ve done this too many times myself… 🙁


14 Thom Calabrese March 20, 2010

Being Italian and having the hand thing going already, I never wash glasses till next day. This has helped somewhat in the breakage department. I will say that whenever I break an expensive glass…. it makes me a little ill. My solution is cheaper glasses!


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