WORDLESS WEDNESDAY – "Inspiration's what you are to me, inspiration, look, see…"

by Katie Pizzuto on January 13, 2010

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1 Coupe 60 January 13, 2010

looks like an edible afghan (rug, not Taliban member – who in an ironic twist can all just eat me) …


2 Coupe 60 January 13, 2010

oh and I retract my earlier demand… I want some damn words Pizuto…words… 🙂


3 Linsey January 13, 2010

we could play spot the spice lol


4 Katie Pizzuto January 13, 2010

@Lin….not a bad idea, though there’s a lot of interchangeable looking stuff there! Look at the saffron down in front, though…amazing! I’d need to bring 2 empty suitcases with me if I hit Morocco, Turkey, India, etc. I’m not sure the fact that I’m not supposed to bring food back to the US would deter me, LOL.

@Lou…keep your shorts on. Post coming…perfection can’t be rushed 🙂


5 Linsey January 13, 2010

i was wondering what the bluey stuff on the right is – third row up

damn they all look good though – reminds me when you see on tv the spice markets and the great big sacks of spices


6 Katie Pizzuto January 13, 2010

My guess is dried lavender….they use it a lot in that area. My favorite pics of the markets are the mounds of spices, shaped into perfect cones…unreal how they do that. Then someone like Coupe probably comes along and sneezes, LOL.


7 Coupe 60 January 13, 2010

BTW, I didn’t like my use of the word ironic in my first post… I probably should have used conversely…but hurriedly threw it up there in my rush to bust your balls (figuratively of course)


8 Coupe 60 January 13, 2010

and i know longer put ummm ‘spices” up my nose…


9 Katie Pizzuto January 13, 2010

surprisingly, your use of the word irony was improper. interestingly, your use of the word figuratively was ironic.


10 Linsey January 13, 2010

i did wonder about lavender – but i havent seen lavender dried with such a strong colour


11 Don January 13, 2010

This would make a really cool shadowbox to put up on the wall too with all the colors and textures. OK, that is enough of my feminine side for today! I actually have no idea what those spices are with the exception of the cinnamon sticks, but they look cool/


12 Katie Pizzuto January 13, 2010

I won’t tell Don…your feminine side is more subtle than my masculine side, LOL. I’ve always wanted to set my spices/herbs up like this in a drawer, though. Put them in clear containers so I could look down on them when I open the drawer. So cool.


13 Linsey January 13, 2010

Katie you seen those spice tubs for indian spices – metal tins and inside individual ones

i always liked the look of them

mind u these ones i found are nice http://www.amazon.com/Lipper-International-20-Piece-Magnetic-Stainless/dp/B000MM7DJM/ref=sr_1_17?ie=UTF8&s=home-garden&qid=1263419870&sr=1-17


14 Linsey January 13, 2010

i also love these type of storage jars on their sides – reminds me of my great grandmother


always wanted a set of them lol


15 Katie Pizzuto January 13, 2010

Actually, Lin, the traditional ones for Indian spices looks like this (which I happen to love): http://inpraiseofsardines.typepad.com/blogs/images/masala_dabba_2

I do love the little metal tins you showed as well, but I’d have to put little stickies on them to tell me which one each is, LOL!


16 Linsey January 14, 2010

yeah I have seen the traditional ones – but i was casually looking through amazon – lol looking for stuff for the future kitchen – and spotted them. i thought they would be not bad to show you as there are only about 6 tubs in the Indian ones, and if you are like me you usually have more, for sweet and savoury dishes alike (or both)


17 Katie Pizzuto January 14, 2010

oh, agree….i’d need several of those to give all my spices a home. That’s why I wanna get something like the ones you saw, but put them in a drawer….leaving on display in the kitchen where the sunlight would be pounding on them all day would NOT be a good thing.


18 Linsey January 14, 2010

what you need is someone who is a carpenter who can make you a spice box that they can be held in where the lid goes up and reveals – so it sits on a worktop but the top can be used for other things too

ooooooh damn now i want one too


19 Katie Pizzuto January 14, 2010

Hmmm, good idea….but is wood the best material given that it’s porous? I only ask because my loving father-in-law 😉 is a hell of a carpenter and could easily do something fantastic, but I don’t know that wood would be best?!


20 Linsey January 14, 2010

would it matter if the spices are in tins inside?


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