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by Katie Pizzuto on January 6, 2010

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I am challenged…twice over. Over the years, politically correct policemen and well-intentioned softheads have decided that people should be called, “uniquely abled, differently abled, exceptional, handicapable, inconvenienced, developmentally disabled or challenged.” That last one’s me. A recent bulletin from the movement lets us know that Porky Pig, formerly a stutterer, should be listed as speech impaired, whereas Mr. Magoo is visually handicapped and Captain Hook is orthopedically impaired.

Me, on the other hand? I’m enologically challenged. It’s OK. I did it to myself, really. Well, OK, not really. I had some help. Folks on Twitter are to blame. Heads will roll, no doubt. You see I’ve been challenged for the year 2010, twice over. The first challenge is to try wines from 12 regions I’ve never had wine from before—a new one each month. The second is to try a wine representing each letter of the alphabet. I could have done winery names or grape names, but I chose wine names instead. I like to consider myself severely challenged.

And so, we’re off. I’ll post here occasionally, giving you an update. Perhaps it will involve data charts. Yeah, that’s it. Lots of charts, bar graphs, pies. Chocolate pies. Mmmmm, chocolate pies. With bourbon-spiked whipped cream. And toffee bits. What the hell were we talking about?

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1 Dragon January 6, 2010

I think you are definitely “differently abled”, my friend. Good luck on your quest!


2 The Wine Commonsewer January 7, 2010

By the end of the year you’ll be ready for the Wine Century Club.

So, I guess we can’t bring up the short bus any longer?


3 castello January 7, 2010

mmmmmmpie charts.


4 Katie Pizzuto January 7, 2010

@Paula (man I hope that’s Paula)…I would’ve said handicapable but that works tool

@Mike…I’m already in the WCC, though I tend to not want to be part of any club that will actually have me as a member 🙂 It was a TON of fun getting in and I highly recommend it. It’s a big learning lesson for your palate.

@Ed…multi-colored pie charts.


5 Ryan Reichert January 7, 2010

Love it – I’m more excited about graphs sometimes than wines. Oh, I like the 12 region challenge too. Looking forward to that!


6 Mary Cressler January 7, 2010

The alphabet challenge is on! Should be fun.
I’m also doing my own personal challenge of tasting a wine from every one of the 50 states! This challenge, however, does not fit within a one year deadline. Too hard to get ahold of some of the wines. So far I’ve done somewhere around 20.


7 Katie Pizzuto January 7, 2010

@Mary….you may want to try writing about it on the blog and giving it attention as you explore because those “hard to find” state wines might be willing to send a sample if it gets them a little press. Make it a call to action of sorts.


8 Linsey January 7, 2010

curious to know if Alaska does any wines …. personally I like the alphabet ones… there are some funky names on some of the bottles you might just achieve it


9 Katie Pizzuto January 7, 2010

Yup! Absolutely. Each of the 50 states makes wine. As for the alphabet, that’s why I chose names as opposed to grapes…thought it would be lots more fun. Come to think of it, I can even use Twisted Oak’s *%#&@! if I want to do punctuation, LOL.


10 Coupe 60 January 7, 2010

Katie, if you have not previously not had a wine from Uruguay (I’m assuming its all one region down there), I highly recommend: Viñedo de los Vientos Tannat Alcyone, which may be the single most hedonistically pleasurable dessert wine I have ever had… Chocolate covered cherries in a bottle…at a very reasonable mid $20’s price tag…


11 Katie Pizzuto January 7, 2010

I haven’t…but now I must! I’ve had Tannats, but never from Uruguay and never in a dessert wine! Will hunt it down, Lou…thanks!!!


12 Coupe 60 January 7, 2010

its back in stock at WL for $22.98 for 500 ml



13 Don January 7, 2010

I think the 12 regions is doable. The a-z..mmm …Not so much. But have fun. Hey we all need goals.


14 Katie Pizzuto January 8, 2010

@Lou…thanks! Will run down and get it soon!

@Don…Watch me work, bro! Already got M and G down. Booyah!


15 Jim January 8, 2010

Drinking your way from A to Z. You should be on Sesame Street, Katie! Although I hear Elmo get really belligerent when he hits the sauce – it’s always the sweet ones!


16 Katie Pizzuto January 8, 2010

Why do you think Oscar was such a grouch? Imagine sharing a dressing room with that belligerent giggler!


17 amy January 8, 2010

I’m having fun with this one. I’ve got B &P for producers but no grapes yet. Must drink fewer blends. 🙂


18 Katie Pizzuto January 8, 2010

Just read on Twitter about someone trying a wine that was 100% Pinot Meunier which I’ve yet to try….could make an interesting “P” for you rather than taking the easy way out 😉


19 Coupe 60 January 9, 2010

@katie – is it a still wine or a bubbly (the 100% Pinot Meunier)?

actually is it a white or a red?


20 Katie Pizzuto January 9, 2010

Lou, the PM is a 2007 Saint Gregory; Mendocino CA. The grape is usually blended in Champagnes…it’s red…a relative of pinot noir. Apparently other wineries in OR and France make 100% PMs too.


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