WORDLESS WEDNESDAY – "Don't speak, I know just what you're sayin'…"

by Katie Pizzuto on September 23, 2009

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1 RJ Flamingo September 23, 2009

Beautiful, and yet suggestive, somehow… 🙂


2 Linsey September 23, 2009

Next photo an asparagus spear?


3 Katie Pizzuto September 23, 2009

You girls should both be ashamed of yourself….really 😉


4 Linsey September 23, 2009

Uh huh – thats what ppl keep telling me… hehe!

Does however also want to say…

” is that a pepper or are you just pleased to see me?”


5 castello September 23, 2009

I’m almost blushing and wordless.


6 Linsey September 23, 2009

notice you have said ‘almost’ 🙂


7 The Wine Commonsewer September 24, 2009

I love the way that peppers change colors the longer they stay on the vine. Gorgeous picture.

I’m trying to overlook it but I’m having pepper envy. On several levels.


8 castello September 25, 2009

Well said WC. I didn’t want to say anthing juvenile that I might regret the next day. That is a damn beautiful, colorful, spicy looking pepper. Or, is it a chile, or a chili pepper.
Sorry, way to many words.


9 castello September 25, 2009

2 two to too late


10 Katie Pizzuto September 25, 2009

Technically speaking, all peppers that contain capsaicin are chili (or chilli or chile) peppers, which would include everything from bell peppers, paprika, cayenne, jalapeños and tabasco, to thai, habanero, scotch bonnet and poblano. These in particular, are cow horns. My son has since devoured that particular pepper, sliced and thrown atop a fried chicken cutlet 🙂


11 Linsey September 25, 2009

my neighbour has just given me some green small peppers – she says they are pretty hot – im making more tomato relish – gonna pop some in it give it a kick!


12 Katie Pizzuto September 25, 2009

I recently made a jalapeño relish that came out amazing…added sweet red peppers, onions, cider vinegar, sugar, dill, mustard seed, coriander, etc. Talk about a hot dog or hamburger topping! Yumm!!


13 The Wine Commonsewer September 26, 2009

TWC has dispensed with any notion of pepper envy……


14 Linsey September 27, 2009

You know there are so many really double entendres here – I am seriously holding back lol


15 Katie Pizzuto September 28, 2009

That’s a nice pepper you got there, Mike. Chemically enhanced?! LOL.


16 The Wine Commonsewer September 28, 2009

Thanks, Katie, I don’t hear that much, er, at all, ah, never.

I don’t know the lineage of these Tim Allen peppers (I didn’t grow them) but they taste exactly like bell peppers. Biggest dang peppers I’ve ever seen in my life.

My own peppers are small but tasty and still going strong. I expect another 4-6 weeks of good yields.


17 Katie Pizzuto September 29, 2009

Funny, my bell peppers decided to poop out on me….they stayed small and never went yellow on me. Luckily the kid likes green peppers cuz I don’t! The ones you see here, though, are going strong. I’m going to try bringing them inside for the winter…we’ll see what happens!


18 The Wine Commonsewer September 29, 2009

I really like a bell pepper once it’s gone all the way through from green to yellow, to red to purple. OTOH, I don’t like the hybrids that are bred to simply be red or yellow. They taste exactly like green bells–something is definitely lost.

As a gag I sent one of those giant red peppers in the House Blond’s lunch. I put strange things in her lunch from time to time just for fun. After her friends stopped giggling a sixth grade boy ate the entire thing like a carrot. Knows how to make points with the ladies, I tell ya. She’s been laughing about that for two days.


19 Katie Pizzuto September 30, 2009

I’m with ya, Mike…in fact, I’ve never even tasted one of those hybrids. My favorite color is orange…just the right sweetness for me.

BTW, my kid ironically LOVES peppers. When I send one packed in his lunch he’s a happy 11-Y-O monkey, so I guess if he was eating w/your daughter he’d have done the same thing that boy did 🙂


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