"I've got this growl in my tummy, and I'm gonna stop it today…"

by Katie Pizzuto on September 7, 2009

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tomat1Interior Dialogue 1: If this doesn’t work out well, I’ll just delete the pics. No biggie. But I might as well take photos as I experiment, just in case this actually, you know, tastes any good.

Interior Dialogue 2: You do realize that nobody’s home, right? You could just as easily scarf down a bag of pork rinds and save yourself the dirty dishes.

ID1: No fucking way. If they were real pork rinds I might actually consider the option, but not that crap. Besides, the kid will notice that they’ve gone missing. I’m thinking the tomatillos over there are looking mighty nice.

ID2: Yeah, of course, tomatillos. Thatta way to go, you tomat3reckless wild woman, you. Sure you don’t want that block of triple-cream brie instead?

ID1: No, damn it…wait, there’s brie in the fridge? Never mind. Focus. OK, I’ll roast the tomatillos and some garlic cloves in the oven with a little olive oil.

ID2: Whoopie. I’m going to sleep. Tell me when the pepperoni pizza gets here.

ID1: OK, what goes good with roasted tomatillos? Oooh, I know—corn. tomat5I’ll sauté some in a pan with some scallions and chili peppers, then toss the whole thing together with the roasted stuff.

ID2: Can we at least have a glass of bubbles while we do this? Please?

ID1: Oh, right, the bubbles. Forgot I had that chilling. What would I do without you?

ID2: Die a sober, healthy virgin probably.

ID1: Cheers! “Tiny bubbles, in the wine…”

ID2: “make me happy, make me feel fine…”

Forty Minutes Later

tomat4ID2: mfwwr trrwnfrt ohuiuw mmmmmm

ID1: You’re not supposed to talk with your mouth full, you know.

ID2: Oh for christ’s sake, NO ONE IS HOME…man, this is really, really good.

ID1: See! I’m glad I took pictures to post on the blog.

ID2: Yeah, you gonna take pictures of the Ben & Jerry’s we’re gonna eat later, too?

ID1: I was thinking some watermelon granita would be better.

ID2: Granita. Right. Livin’ large.

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1 The Wine Commonsewer September 7, 2009

Blogs need that little ‘like’ thingy like Facebook has so when you have nothing to say but you enjoyed the read you can just click on it to and a little hand with a ‘thumbs up’ displays instead of a comment.


2 Linsey September 7, 2009

They say talking to yourself is the first sign of madness … after that anything goes!


3 Facebook Comment September 8, 2009

I love this!


4 Katie Pizzuto September 8, 2009

Working on it Mike…these things take time…like a good beer belly.


5 Linsey September 8, 2009

are beer bellys ever good?


6 Katie Pizzuto September 8, 2009

Sure, Lin…as pillows.


7 Linsey September 8, 2009

true – good luck fluffing it up though or flipping over to the cool side

btw – christmas – would you do some jerky for me when im over – i loved that


8 castello September 8, 2009

mmmmmm looks good. How was the bubbly? Lazy cook/crazy cook just made some awsome granita. search for their vlog


9 Katie Pizzuto September 9, 2009

@Linsey…would be happy to make some jerky for you!!

@Castello…Bubbly was really nice. Can’t beat it for $15! Will go check his granita…funny considering I mentioned making one here!


10 castello September 9, 2009

My beer belly is good


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