“But time makes you bolder, children get older, and I’m getting older, too…”

by Katie Pizzuto on September 3, 2009

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663191_mr_middle_fingerWhen I turned 1 year old, the US was bombing the shit out of Hanoi, the Goodyear Blimp was flying for the first time, a gallon of gas cost 55¢, Bobby Fischer became the World Chess Champion and The Godfather was taking it to the mattresses. Today, I get to celebrate another first year, but this time managing not to crap in my diapers or spit up on my grandmother—I make no promises about not sticking my hands in the cake, though. Gonzo Gastronomy is no longer the new kid, folks! Today, we turn one (for those who can’t read, see how many fingers I’m holding up)! 365 days gone by, 112 posts later, and nothing to show for it—I’m gushing with pride.

I began this blog because I had put down the proverbial pen for a really long time in order to pursue an actual…you know…JOB. But eventually, I was jonesing to put my thoughts on screen again and you, my friends, are the victims of that desire. I write not because I want to, but because I have to. It’s the one way I can truly give voice to my thoughts, for better or worse. When I started GonzoG last year, I honestly don’t think I gave a shit whether I had 2 readers or 200. I just wanted to write. The fact that you guys have stuck around is truly humbling. In case I forget later, thanks.

My introductory post was about a harbinger of change—a true iconoclast—Jimi Hendrix. Jimi’s Woodstock performance was the classic example of getting others to shut their mouths and hone their ears, and that was something I admired and tried to emulate: “It’s never comfortable or free of conflict, and it’s certainly not always forward motion, but that’s the organic nature of change. I return repeatedly to music because it follows the same creative process of cooking and making wine—it’s the opening of an artist’s vein. Food and wine has its own set of mavericks, heretics, pioneers and renegades—and for better or worse, this is their sandbox.

I’d like to think that I’ve done an OK job of calling out mavericks, heretics, pioneers and renegades in food & wine, though sometimes it was to laud them and other times it was to publically stone them. I’ve called out Korbel for bad PR damage control, sung the praises of boutique distributors like Garagiste, lashed out at the Italian olive oil industry, railed against vodka, waxed eloquent about fruitcake, and even compared a Belgian ale to the overrated experience known as losing my virginity. Sometimes, I got really pumped about a post that went absolutely nowhere, and other times posts that were essentially written without forethought were the ones that garnered the most attention and response. Shows you what I know.

I’d also like to think that I’m living up to the “Gonzo” in Gonzo Gastronomy—providing journalism that is truthful without striving for objectivity. If I speak from a place of passion, I speak truthfully. To me, that’s all that matters.  Call it subjective, call it opinionated, call it profane. I don’t really care, as long as you’re calling it something, because that means I’ve made you pay attention—made you hone your ears. Not everyone likes my sandbox, but that’s cool. They can stay in their kiddie-seat swings, safe from the danger of a skinned knee and a bruised ego.

Thanks for listening while I rant and rave about the angels and demons of food and wine. The fact that you all still humor me is really cool, and I look forward to another year of quoting songs, pointing fingers, confessing character flaws, and writing about eating and drinking my way through life under the very dangerous assumption that someone out there gives a shit what I have to say. If you’ll excuse me now, I’m going to go pop a bottle of really good Champagne and hopefully grab a fistful or two of chocolate cake. Sorry I didn’t invite you, but I’m always worried about strangers rummaging through my drawers, critiquing my dusting skills and stealing my crappy flatware. Don’t worry, though. I’m bound to write about it anyway.

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1 Jim Mosier September 3, 2009

Congratulations are in order. One, your blog is one year older and richer. Two you have managed to elude the Winery drive by snipers! Looking forward to many more posts, rants and musings!


2 Evan Dawson September 3, 2009

Love your perspective. Bracingly honest. Cheers to one year and many more!


3 RJ Flamingo September 3, 2009

Glad to be here! Mine turned 3 last weekend & it amazes me that anyone still comes around.;-) By contrast, you actually seem to have a focus and coherent voice, for which I congratulate you doubly! Happy Blogaversary, Katie!


4 Elle September 3, 2009

Happy Blog Birthday, Baby! I only just found you, as you know, but I love your writing. I’m happy that you decided to give it another go. Would be a shame to waste that talent.

Now gimme some of that cake!


5 Doris September 3, 2009

Congratulations on the completion of your first year. I very much enjoy reading your blog and find your comparisons very interesting. Keep up the good work. You have a talent that when used not only completes you, but brings joy and insight to others.

Looking forward to your second year.


6 Anne September 3, 2009

Congratulations! I have enjoyed the first year and look forward to more to come!


7 Coupe 60 September 3, 2009


jk Katie…Congratulations on your 1st year…I have to say that I love your writing. Hope to see many more years of the Blog and other things…



8 Bren September 3, 2009

ño!!! un año en esta cosa!! felicidades comadre! it’s a tough job, isn’t it? Trying to stay atop the joneses, calling ppl out, making prolific statements and arguments (the pink candy bar?) I’m glad to have found you and commit to adding you to my blogroll right now and reading the GG every time u write!



9 Linsey September 3, 2009

Happy birthday – are you having a cake? 😉


10 Katie Pizzuto September 3, 2009

Thanks everybody! I love you guys…well, everybody except Coupe. JK!!!

@Linsey…are you kidding?!? chocolate cake with chocolate mousse layers and dark chocolate ganache topping 🙂


11 Rob September 3, 2009

Congrats Katie! To many more posts to come! Cheers!


12 Linsey September 3, 2009

awwwwwww making me drool now – hope there is a candle on top too


13 smokenmirrors September 3, 2009

Always great reading Katie
Congratulations on your Landslide achievment 🙂


14 swain September 3, 2009



15 The Wine Commonsewer September 3, 2009

providing journalism that is truthful without striving for objectivity.

IMO, truth is generally objective.

For instance, the objective truth is that all wine would be red wine if it had a choice. 🙂

Congrats. I am actually surprised that you’ve only been doing this a year. Yours is some of the best writing on the tubes. I know you ain’t exactly a wine blog but I think of your that way and, boy, some of those guys could take some instruction from you.


16 Tania Gomez September 3, 2009

hey I’m lucky #15 (wish I was that age again)!!!
congrats my 1st & very ingenious niece! I
enjoy reading your blog to no end – must try that latest “oranjito” recipe – sounds luscious. Keep up the brilliant blog as I love ur language!
Love ya


17 Raul Rovira September 3, 2009

Gonzy baby! You’re dating yourself! Congrats on the first year of “Gonzonomy”

A toast to the terrible twos!


18 grilljockey September 3, 2009

Big Ups Katie! Loves it! Congrats on your anniv!


19 castello September 4, 2009

Nice work, and congrats. We salute you and will pop a top of some Farmers Fizz to help celebrate.


20 ileana September 8, 2009


A few days late, but very proud of you
the little that I know about wine is from your blog.
You are the real thing

Keep writting baby

Your Miami MOM


21 Gus September 8, 2009

Happy belated anniversary! It only proves, once again, how far a good idea and persistence can go. Although I disagree with some of your writing styles, you are indeed very knowledgeable and talented. Keep scribing!


22 Mark September 10, 2009

Congratulations Katie!
Gonzo is definitely in a league all its own. Keep up the brilliant writing!


23 Katie Pizzuto September 10, 2009

Many thanks again, guys. XXXOOO!!!


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