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by Katie Pizzuto on July 16, 2009

in Wine Accessories

Something is very wrong in this warped little world when my wine gets to accessorize better than I do. As wine lovers, I’m sure we’ve all gotten our share of useless wine-related gifts that we’ve either re-gifted, thrown in a kitchen drawer or used to pry open a jar of pickles, so when we treat ourselves to one, it should be really worthwhile. “Socks” for your wine glasses, by the way, do NOT fall under the worthwhile umbrella.

il_430xN.79097002I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while, cuz I’ve seen a lot of really cool wine stuff out there, have received a couple of great samples, and have also seen a lifetime’s worth of crap. OK, fine, I’m sure somebody finds this glorified doggie bowl adorable for instance, but the $185 price tag is nauseating. You know how much wine I could buy with that cash? Or dog food for that matter? All that just so your pooch can leave a trail of drool across your glorified $185 feed bag.

toteThis one is easily one of the best finds out there. Made by a company called Simply Bags, this wine tote not only has a center divider so you can carry 4 bottles of wine as well as a corkscrew that comes attached, but it’s INSULATED and LINED so you can fill it with ice and use it as a makeshift ice bucket, like I did!! Single greatest feature ever if you are poolside or beachfront and wanna keep your grape juice cool.

il_430xN5OK, next on the list of complete pieces of crap is the wine glass flip flop. What in the name of God were these people smoking? If you have that much time on your hands, go feed the homeless or something, will you? Regardless of what your friends say, you are not creative and these will not be the next big thing. If it doesn’t have five toes on it, it should not be in a flip flop.

il_430xN7On the other hand, if you’re going to accessorize your wine glass anyway, regardless of what I say, I thought these charms were pretty damned cool. There are tons of different themes to choose from, like retro posters, gothic art, Gustav Klimt works and pin-up girls.

il_430xN.51887910Not to be outdone by accessories for your wine, are wine-related accessories for other stuff. For instance, look at this lovely candle “holder” made out of corks. Not only does it look like a third-grade art project gone wrong, but it doesn’t technically hold the candles as the name implies, and although cork is fire retardant, it’s not exactly fireproof. However, the tree branch wreath which the corks are attached to—well, last time I checked wood was pretty fire friendly.

botWebBack to the cool stuff, this company makes small “bottlenote” greeting cards that attach to the wine bottle’s neck if you’re giving a gift. I’ve already waxed eloquent about Cerebral Itch’s removable bottle labels, but these are a different take—they open up so you can write something inside. The line could use some pre-printed sentiments as well, but it’s a really cute idea.

il_430xN.74807175OK, last one folks. These drinking glasses made from recycled wine bottles. I now know what I wanna do with my enormous collection of unique wine bottles—just gotta find me a diamond saw, a set of goggles and a glass of bourbon to steady the hands.

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1 Yvette July 16, 2009

I think being creative with the leftover “stuff” is a really good idea, but I do totally agree that people go overboard in a big way! I use my oxiclean containers for crayons too, but a $185 dog bowl from a wine box – no thank you! Soda bottle bird feeders, coffee can pencil holders – all good!


2 Katie Pizzuto July 16, 2009

Definitely, Yvette…recycling is always cool, but it doesn’t always merit being sold, or worse yet, being sold with a big price tag!


3 Linsey July 16, 2009

Damn there goes that idea for your Christmas present – and i was sure noone else would have seen flip-flop coasters!

How is the wine stopper btw – have you kept wine long enough in the bottle to use it? hehe!

Just on a personal level – the cork candle holders have the be the ugliest crappiest idea ever! I do rather like the doggy bowl though – just not the price.


4 Katie Pizzuto July 16, 2009

LOL, Lin. The wine stopper is gorgeous, and what I do is usually put it in each bottle I open…I usually have 2 glasses a night. When I’m done drinking I then put a protective stopper in until the next day 🙂

And yeah, those candle things are an abomination! The doggy bowl idea is cute in thought, and I do understand the work that goes into carving wood, but the price tag is insane, unless you have money to burn.


5 Linsey July 16, 2009

Im guessing an old wooden wine crate with a vineyard stamp on the side and a couple of bowl sized holes cut into it wouldnt have the same effect!

With a price tag like that I am assuming Paris Hilton already has one – plus a step for the chihuahua to reach it lol


6 Katie Pizzuto July 16, 2009

I’d actually prefer what you described…it would be more authentic!


7 Linsey July 16, 2009
8 Katie Pizzuto July 16, 2009

I’ve actually got some of those 🙂


9 Linsey July 16, 2009

bugger there goes another idea for Chrissy lmfao


10 Katie Pizzuto July 16, 2009

LOL….check THIS out. Talk about perfect combo of music/wine lover accessory! http://tinyurl.com/lqdjk6


11 Linsey July 16, 2009

i like them … nice!

i did the same once – i was 6 and i left my disney vinyls in the car in the sun – wasnt totally planned though … really messed up the Bear Necessities!


12 The Wine Commonsewer July 16, 2009

Something else you can do with corks.


13 Katie Pizzuto July 17, 2009

He must get that from his dad:)


14 Catherine Simms July 17, 2009

What is nauseating to me is that such featured wine crate dog feeders are only bad copycats of ours @ http://www.whineranddiner.net. It is interesting to see how some (many) lazy and unimaginative people can rip off an idea, change a few elements to the design (glass bowls instead of stainless steel ones, add little legs) and call it their own…They might just cut two holes out of the wine crate, but just to set the record straight here, we spend hours modifying, filling nail holes, sanding, staining, finishing, sanding, staining, etc (get the idea?)…all our products to a fine finish.
And if I could afford to buy an Austin Martin, I would do it in a New york minute…My old Toyota will have to do for now… And by the way, the best everyone could do for the Economy right now is to go out there and spend some $$$. It is all about how much you can afford. And if you can afford a $200.00 dog feeder, I say good for you.
We did sent a Whiner and Diner dog feeder to Paris Hilton. This is the note we got from her: “Thank you so much for the beautiful wine crate…I enjoy drinking my Dom Perignon from it every night! I just have to use a (golden) straw!” 🙂


15 Linsey July 17, 2009

Catherine – love the dog feeder with Gloria on the side, much nicer than the one seen above.

Rather prefer it with silver bowls too – which was the only thing i really wasnt so keen on with the above one.


16 The Wine Commonsewer July 17, 2009

I just might stop to check you out…

I’m flattered.
The Boy comes up with some interesting things. Naturally, guys appreciate stuff like that.


17 Catherine Simms July 18, 2009

Thanks Linsey for the kind words!


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