"Every picture tells a story, don't it…"

by Katie Pizzuto on July 17, 2009

in wine photography

For your visual entertainment, we have the best and worst pics of the week—The Angels and Demons of Wine Photography, if you will.

magTalk about an epic fail for Wine Spectator. I realize I’m a complete geek for pointing this out to you, and it will probably go unnoticed by most readers unless they know a bit about photo retouching. With the money Wine Spectator makes on advertising, you’d think they could afford to, ya know, dunk a few bottles of wine in ice water and snap a few shots of the result. Apparently, that’s way too much trouble so they decided to add fake sweat beads to 2 bottles of wine and simply duplicate them over and over. This is what they have photo stylists for, guys! Step AWAY from Photoshop because, as we all know, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Take a look at the close-ups I included, and I’m sure even the most amature eye can see the copied bottles by their bead patterns. Now there’s nothing interesting on the outside of this magazine, either.


Ah, there we go. A Gonzo hat is a thing of beauty to behold, ain’t it?! Sent in by loyal reader, David, this is the GG pic of the week. No Photoshop programs were harmed in the making of this photograph, and we’re relatively sure he hasn’t been dunked in ice water, either. If any other readers wanna send in photos of themselves in Gonzo Gear, this is fair warning that I make no guarantees that I won’t stick you in the “worst of” category. 🙂

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1 Linsey July 17, 2009

yes you are sometimes a complete geek – lol – but if you werent then the lazy arsed photographers would just get away with it.

long live geeks like us … personally i love ‘the spot the cockup in the movie’ geek stuff

my personal favourite – Star Wars – the stormtrooper bashing his head on the doorway as it goes upwards


2 Jeff Dorenbush July 18, 2009

Haha nice catch on the WS photo Katie.


3 Alan @ MutineerMag July 18, 2009

YES! What a great call-out. You and Wine Spectator should become arch-rivals, just like me and Steve Heimoff. I must say I’m nervous about what you find wrong in our upcoming issue…haha, it should be pretty good, I HOPE!


4 Katie Pizzuto July 18, 2009

Thanks guys…i’d welcome the rivalry, but seriously, what can they get me on, my blatant honesty? 😉


5 David J July 19, 2009

‘You have the *eye*’–as the Bey told Bruce Chatwin.
Geneviève Rosochacki, returning to South Africa this very Sunday afternoon, took that impropmtu portrait of yours truly.


6 The Wine Commonsewer July 20, 2009

Parts is parts.


7 Alfonso July 21, 2009

Ack! Ack!
Great stuff!


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