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by Katie Pizzuto on May 5, 2009

in bottle etching

etchedbottleHow damned cool is that, huh? How long have you wished that someone would slap your name on a wine bottle? Gonzo Gastronomy FTW!!! I’m farting around on Twitter a few weeks ago and someone makes the following offer (more or less, folks…my memory is as good as my skiing): Hey bloggers, want to see your logo etched in a wine bottle? Send us your artwork and we’ll create one for you…at no cost! In return we only expect your car, the deed to your house, your dog and your first born. Oh, OK, I made up the last part, and that was certainly more than the blasted 140 characters, but I was on that offer like white on rice.

Etching Expressions is certainly not unique. There are a number of companies out there that will either custom etch wine bottles for your next wedding, divorce, corporate celebration, corporate downsizing, briss or successful liposuction procedure. But these guys are the only one I’ve seen putting social media and blogging to good use…and thank Bacchus they did cuz their thick, glossy amateurish brochure sucks! But what better way to get your name out there than to gift a blogger a bottle of wine with his/her logo on it? Seriously? Who the hell isn’t gonna show that off? And I’ve gotta say…the work is beautiful. All etchings are hand painted, and if you have no artwork and don’t like any of their stock stuff, they can design something for you. My only wish is that they were more specific about the wine that fills those bottles—something more than “chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, pinot noir and sparkling wine” would have been nice.  What’s also very cool is that you can send them your own wine if you have a specific one you want etched, as long as it only has a paper label. Got a bottle of your father’s favorite Burgundy but wanna put a special message on it for his 60th birthday? These are the folks to do it…that is, as long as you’re insane enough to ship a bottle of rare Burgundy around!

So I hope you’ll forgive me for wanting to show off the handiwork, but I couldn’t resist. In fact, everyone at last Sunday’s barbecue was inevitably pulled inside at some point so I could hand the bottle to them and say, “Look! How cool is that?” They forgave me, not because they love me and share my joys, but because I fed them and gave them plenty of libation. I’m hoping you’ll just humor me for having pissed away the last 5 minutes of your life with boastful babble.

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1 Linsey May 5, 2009

Think to me it would be a case of never opening it so who cares whats in it! – its a brilliant idea.

your logo suits a bottle – next stop your own vineyard one day to put your own wine it maybe??


2 Katie Pizzuto May 5, 2009

True enough…I’ll probably never open it, but for those ordering for their wedding, etc., I’m sure they’d wanna know what they’ll be pouring their guests! Their website offers a bit more info about the wines but their brochure could’ve had a bit more detail. As for my own vineyard, one can dream!


3 Coupe 60 May 13, 2009

I usually jump at any offer that requires me to turn over my first born…

Alas, they always return him in fairly short order…

What’s their general pricing structure Katie? I’m too lazy to actually research it myself


4 Katie Pizzuto May 14, 2009

Looks like etching starts at $65/bottle but drops to about half that after the 12th bottle, so after a case. They also do custom labels which is obviously much cheaper, and those start at $35 and drop to $25 after the first case. There are additional price breaks as well. When we think of the money we spend on gifts for loved ones, getting a beautifully etched wine bottle for $65 is well worth it! The work they did on mine is GORGEOUS, plus we must remember that the etching is HAND painted afterward.


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