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by Katie Pizzuto on May 20, 2009

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wine_on_music_sheetWINE BLOGGING WEDNESDAY – JUNE 10, 2009

It’s obvious to most who know me that I’m as passionate about music as I am about wine. I can barely remember all my in-laws’ birthdays, but I have no problem recalling the various lead singers for Rainbow or which Beatles album Lady Madonna is on. But what most people don’t realize is that wine and music share a symbiotic relationship much more intertwined than ever imagined. I had written a post a while back about how music influences how a wine tastes to us. I was dubious when I first heard the theory, but after taking part in a tasting experiment, I had no doubt in my mind (and my palate) that Billie Holliday could simultaneously make a flabby, over-oaked, buttery California chardonnay actually potable, and a beautiful crisp Chablis appear a bit flaccid.

Since that day, I’ve been very careful when drinking wine to take notice of the music I’ve got on in the background (because I always do). If at first I don’t like a wine much, I try changing the genre of music just in case that’s the culprit. On the flip side, if I’m nuts about a wine, I’ll often stop the music altogether and taste again, to make sure I’m enjoying it because of its own merits, and not because the tunes are swaying me. What’s more likely to pair well with a spicy syrah—Led Zeppelin, Miles Davis, Barry Manilow or Shakira? You tell me.

The challenge I put forth to the wine bloggers out there for this month’s Wine Blogging Wednesday (#58) will involve a little more than just finding a nice wine, a lesser-known varietal or an emerging region to write about—it will involve sitting with a wine or two, tasting them, playing different types of music, and taking note of how your experiences change. This is NOT about sipping and spitting. It is NOT about a few scribbled tasting notes. And it is most definitely NOT about objectivity. And please, for the love of all that is holy, if all you have in your music collection is Michael Buble, go borrow some CDs from your head-banging neighbor, your hip-hop-loving relative, and your stuck-in-80s-alternative college buddy.

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1 Lenn Thompson May 20, 2009

Are you going to grace us with information such as the date of this WBW? 😉


2 Katie Pizzuto May 20, 2009

Geez, details, details….all you WBW geeks KNOW it’s the second Wed. of the coming month, don’t you? OK, fine, I’ll revise the post and include it here, as well…Wednesday, June 10th winosphere!! How’s that?


3 winelabelreview May 20, 2009



4 Randy Watson May 21, 2009

This should be a lot of fun! Great choice of topic! 🙂


5 Katie Pizzuto May 21, 2009

Thanks guys…glad you’re digging the topic. You can either leave links to your posts in the comments here or email them to me…either way. Cheers!


6 Bradley May 21, 2009

This should be fun. I’ve queued up Monster Mash by Bobby “Boris” Picket and the Crypt Kicker Five with some sparkling wine base pre-secondary fermentation.


7 Katie Pizzuto May 21, 2009

Pre-secondary fermentation?!? Holy crap that sounds interesting! Can’t wait to hear from you!!!


8 Linsey May 21, 2009

Unfortunately as a teetotaller in the extreme – i cant associate wines with particular songs.

But the mention of the ‘Monster Mash’ brings back so many memories of my childhood – with a big smile on my face

I can understand how songs and the taste of wine go together though – atmosphere, emotions and a good meal can do the same for me!

BTW I own Michael Buble’s album, and the 80s new romantic stuff (Duran Duran etc) but no Led Zepplin and omg def no Manilow – anyone for singing along to Buble’s ‘Moondance’? 🙂


9 mydailywine May 22, 2009

I love it! Still need to find a wine and music match that lives up to my late winter night combo of a single malt scotch and Sigur Ros.


10 Dr. Debs May 23, 2009

Great theme! Thanks, Katie.


11 Katie Pizzuto May 26, 2009

@amy….funny, a lot of wine geeks tend to like single malt scotches! That and Sigur Ros on a cold winter night would no doubt be perfect, especially with that amazing falsetto!


12 ribbie May 27, 2009

I’m down! Got my tunes cued, just need a wine.


13 1WineDude June 2, 2009

Great theme! I’ve got a tie-in (though at the time I posted it, I didn’t know it was a tie-in!)!!

I’m currently running a giveaway on 1WineDude.com, where you can win some awesome jazz CDs from Sony Music and also a gift cert to AmericanWinery.com by **pairing wine & music** in the comments.

Could be a good pre-cursor to this WBW.




14 Katie Pizzuto June 2, 2009

Too funny, Joe…I figured you knew about the topic and were riffing off it! As an FYI to readers, I’ll be doing a giveaway here as well. Details to come, but not until WBW!!


15 Alleigh June 3, 2009

I’m excited about this one! Great topic.


16 shiz37 June 8, 2009

Wine? Good! Music? Good! Music and wine? What could be better!? I’ve been procrastinating at starting my blog and feel this is the perfect inaugural post – but go easy on me, I’m new!


17 Katie Pizzuto June 9, 2009

Sweet, Erica! Glad to have you on board!!!! Looking forward to the inaugural post 🙂


18 Jeff June 9, 2009

Let’s see…Mad Dog 20/20 with some Bad Brains?…Harvey’s Brostol Cream with some David Hasselhoff?…Black Tower with some Phillip Glass? Oh, the possibilities! 😉


19 1WineDude June 9, 2009

I hope it’s not cheating, but I’ll offer up my recent wine & music pairing giveaway for WBW!




20 Katie Pizzuto June 9, 2009

Not cheating at all…there’ll be giveaways here tomorrow as well! Tell the dog that “Gonzo” is very fond of jazz, will ya?!? 🙂


21 art predator June 9, 2009

this is a fun one! thanks Katie!


22 Sonadora June 10, 2009
23 Randy Watson June 10, 2009

My music pairing…

Prime Up the Funk: http://www.winewhoreblog.com/2009/06/prime-up-funk.html



24 Michelle June 10, 2009

My entry is here: http://www.wine-girl.net/2009/06/wbw-58-dean-martin-and-the-drink-n-stick-syrah.html

A little bit of Dean and a pin-up girl Syrah.


25 Alleigh June 10, 2009

I had a lot of fun with this one. Mine’s up: http://bit.ly/1LimnD


26 kevin keith June 10, 2009


Great idea! Finally someone got to this one! Mine is up at http://underthegrapetree.blogspot.com.


27 shiz37 June 10, 2009

Okay kiddies, go easy on me! Its the inaugural ShizFactor blog post – just in time for Wine Blogging Wednesday. Wine and (wedding) music – awww yea!

It just keeps gettin’ better.


28 winenegress June 12, 2009

The Negress has spoken albeit two days late:



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