"Tiny bubbles in the wine, make me happy…"

by Katie Pizzuto on March 26, 2009

in Champagne


So there I am, sitting on the couch last night, reading a book, and all I could think about was the bottle of Champagne that was sitting in my refrigerator, all chilly willy. I probably read the same paragraph 5 times because I couldn’t seem to pay attention—I was continually distracted by thoughts of popping the cork. Problem was, the bottle was given to me as a birthday gift, meant to be cracked ON my birthday (4/1) as part of the celebration. Putting the bottle in the fridge was easily the stupidest thing I did last Friday because I knew that once it was cold, I’d want it. In fact, in the silence of my evening, if I listened closely, I could hear a muted female impersonation of Don Ho singing “Tiny Bubbles” coming from inside the fridge. I think the cats heard it, too, but they don’t like bubbles.

This may sound inconsequential, but to me it’s torture. Painful, agonizing, cruel torture. It doesn’t happen with any other wine, either—only bubbles. Could I crack the bottle and have my dear friend be none the wiser? Absolutely (although she reads the blog so now I’m screwed). But the point is that, believe it or not, I have a conscience. If someone gives me a gift with stipulations, I tend to follow them in the spirit with which the gift was given. Because with my luck, that friend will show up at my front door to celebrate my birthday and I’ll be caught sans bottle. Oh, the humanity. So as of today, the bottle of Champagne is still sitting in the fridge, singing the song of sirens. BUT…I’ve now made plans to be out on my birthday (a soft opening celebration of the Dregs Report which goes live April 1) so the plot thickens. Is it, in fact, OK to open the blasted bottle of beautiful bubbles now? What say you? Can I pop the cork with a clean conscience? A friend who truly loves you wouldn’t want you to feel tortured, right? The thought of going home tonight and opening it, all while giddily singing “happy birthday to me” is almost too much for any human to contain.

No in-depth analysis of the wine industry here. No glorious food porn. Just a woman whose bubble-loving soul is in agony, pleading from behind your computer screen with big puppy-dog eyes. Yes or no?

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1 Coupe 60 March 26, 2009

No…just wait til your birthday…


2 Yvette March 26, 2009

Well, condsidering I am the gift giver, I say every day is worthy of celebration and the birth of something, a thought, a pearl of wisdom, a project completed, Thursday. Whatever the reason, go for it, just promise me you will sing “Happy Birthday” out loud while dancing around! No need for puppy dog eyes, and you know I will never be looking for a “glass of that champagne I bought you”! love you bunches! Happy Thursday!


3 Yvette March 26, 2009

sorry Coupe


4 Katie Pizzuto March 26, 2009

See…bugger off, Coupe, I’m poppin’ bubbles!! Yay!!! 🙂


5 Linsey March 26, 2009

resistance is always futile…especially when permission is given lol

consider this though – will you be sitting on your birthday wishing you didnt pop that cork or you will be remembering fondly a bloody good drink


6 Katie Pizzuto March 27, 2009

There’s no way I’ll EVER be regretting I popped a cork, Linsey. And since I’ll be in NYC with my family celebrating the opening of http://www.dregsreport.com I’m sure I’ll have a glass in hand at all times!


7 Linsey March 27, 2009

whoo hooo – enjoy the bubbles then – just make sure there is something in the glass too – lol


8 Linsey March 27, 2009

thought u might like to see this – dont know whether you caught it when it was an up to date news item lol



9 mydailywine March 29, 2009

A woman after my own heart! I had the same problem yesterday except it wasn’t because my birthday was soon approaching. Just that I have a bottle of grower Champagne sitting in my fridge and it is THE hardest thing to not want a glass every night!
Drink it and celebrate today.


10 Katie March 29, 2009

Nothing better than grower Champagne, Amy!!! Whose?


11 Chris Walker March 31, 2009

See, this is why you need a case of “house” Champagne. A case in case of emergency. I highly recommend Francios Montand Brut. I think it retails for like $12-13 a bottle. It’s wonderful.

By the way, you never mentioned what the Birthday Bottle was? What is/was it?


12 Katie Pizzuto April 1, 2009

Hey, welcome back Chris! You’ve been missed! Though I’ve been remiss in visiting your site as well! I purposely neglected to tell you the name of the bottle because I felt that it would detract from the point…it could have been ANY bottle of Champagne and the temptation would’ve been impossible to resist. If I have a case of bubbles in the house the case will never last, that I promise! I have no choice but to buy it a couple of bottles at a time, otherwise, I’d drink nothing but bubbles…they are my weakness. Speaking of which, this upcoming issue of Mutineer will have my “Final Word” column again, on………CHAMPAGNE!!


13 Trisha June 14, 2013

That’s a genuinely ipmressive answer.


14 enhallide April 11, 2009



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