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by Katie Pizzuto on March 10, 2009

in chocolate

choc1There are these 2 guys from Jersey, whose praises I have been singing for years. Not only have I raved about their restaurants, both of which have fantastic seasonal cuisine and focused wine lists, but I’ve also recommended their food/wine-related radio talk show dozens of times. It’s the only show I know where the conversation can quickly turn from foie gras to White Castles—hence, my kinda show. So, a couple of weeks ago I get an email from one of them there guys, Francis, telling me that they’ve gone into the chocolate business and are now making a small line of truffles. He’s going on and on about what this and that newspaper columnist had to say about them, what great reviews this and that magazine gave them, and I’m thinking, dude, what about us bloggers?!? We’re “media” too, for Christ’s sake…let me at some of that dark brown gold! I may not have as many readers as Gourmet magazine, but me and my peeps have a thing…a mojo…a groove. Dig?

And here’s the thing—these chocolate truffles were amazing. As someone who makes truffles at home, I know what chocolate full of stabilizers and preservatives looks, tastes and feels like. It lacks the freshness and texture of handcrafted chocolate. It lacks the complexity of natural ingredients. Basically, it sacrifices delicacy for shelf life. The Restaurant Guys Chocolates suffer NONE of these faults because they don’t use stabilizers or preservatives. Eat them within 10 days or you’ll be shit out of luck with freshness. Mine didn’t last 48 hours, but then I’m a professional. The flavors will change seasonally, folks, but here’s a breakdown of my box of goodies:

Stage Left Coffee – When I eat truffles I always bite them in half instead of shoving them in my mouth whole, so I can see and smell the inside. When I took a bite out of this one it smelled like freshly ground coffee beans. Deep, dark, rich and robust.

Family Recipe Irish Cream – No commercial Irish Cream used here, only fresh ingredients, organic milk and Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey. That cloyingly sweet synthetic taste you get with other Irish Creams is absent here. It was a much more graceful, restrained version.

choc2Austrian Roasted Pumpkin Seed w/Maldon Sea Salt – My absolute favorite of the bunch. If you’ve ever roasted salted pumpkin seeds at home after you’re done carving Jack O’ Lanterns for your kids, imagine dunking one in dark chocolate and you’ll have a vague idea of what this tastes like. VERY fresh tasting, and it even taught me a great trick: when I salt my truffles, I sprinkle it on top, but these were salted on the bottom so that it’s the first thing that hits your tongue! AMAZING stuff.

Elderflower – Can be used in teas or waters, but most often used to make a cordial. This was probably my least favorite, but not because of their shortcomings—I’m just not nuts about elderflower. Guys, you taking notes for my next batch?!?

The Diablo – This was a great truffle that could’ve been absolutely perfect if it had a little more heat. I happen to make one similar to this at home, with cinnamon, nutmeg and cayenne pepper, but if you’re gonna call it “The Diablo” it should deliver a little more on the fire and brimstone.

I have no idea how long they’ll have these flavors around before they switch it up, so run—don’t walk—to the website. Hopefully they’ll keep me updated (so I can keep you updated) as flavors change:

Restaurant Guys Chocolate

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1 Linsey March 10, 2009

ooooooooooh drools – i absolutely adore coffee chocolates – and you cant beat good quality ones when u get the proper taste of the coffee

its like orange chocolates – you have to have that great hit of orange for it to be good

salivating on the keyboard mmmmmm


2 Katie Pizzuto March 11, 2009

We’ll have to make sure we get some of the coffee truffles when you come back to the states, Linsey! You will LOVE them.


3 Eggman March 11, 2009

Nothing like incredible high quality Chocolate. Here’s a link to another artist…



4 Linsey March 11, 2009

eggman – wow they have to be the most stunning looking chocolates i have ever seen

katie – mmmm hell yes – dont let me forget


5 Katie Pizzuto March 11, 2009

Thanks for the link, Eggman. They certainly look beautiful, but have you ever tasted them? Just curious as I’ve often been disappointed by gorgeous looking chocolate that then has been pumped with stabilizers and preservatives.


6 Eggman March 12, 2009

Yes I have, they are incredible. Check out all the awards Chris has won… They are worth every penny.


7 Katie Pizzuto March 12, 2009

Well then, we may just have to order some and find out for ourselves! Thanks!!!


8 Bradley March 12, 2009

Just started reading your blog but you hooked me with
“shit out of luck with freshness”
That’s immortal t-shirt quality.


9 Linsey March 12, 2009

one saying…so many connotations there though bradley

damn i love double entendres – but then i am a brit hehe


10 Katie March 12, 2009

Thanks for joining the mayhem, Bradley… Believe it or not I’ve already immortalized one quote on a tee…just no buyers yet!


11 Linsey March 13, 2009

lol somehow ‘shit out of luck with freshness’ not exactly the opposite sex grabbing t-shirt wording lmfao

but then again – there are soo many more like that too


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