“It’s not too cool to be ridiculed, but you brought this upon yourself…”

by Katie Pizzuto on October 16, 2008

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An Open Letter To Joe The Plumber:

Honestly, Joe, is now really the time to be complaining about tax hikes and causing Senator McCain so much worry? If anything, you should count yourself lucky to not be a part of the food/wine industry. You want to talk about troubles? You’ve got yours, we’ve got ours, buddy.

Ever think about those poor PETA members who are heartbroken over the fact that Chicago has repealed the ban on foie gras? Well, have you? And what about those struggling wine distributors? They’re fighting for their very livelihoods against those that would ship direct to consumers! Their livelihoods, Joe! And let’s not forget some of those California vineyard owners that might actually have to stop using illegal immigrants. Where the hell are they supposed to get people who’ll work for piss pay all day in extreme heat and not cost them any taxes, hmmm? In America? I don’t think so, Joe. Restaurants? You think they’re immune to the woes of this country? They gotta get rid of any trans fats they use. Think that’s an easy ride, Joe? And those slaughterhouses that have been processing sick cows for us to consume don’t have a free ride, either. They’re under investigation now, Joe. Are YOU under investigation? Lastly, Joe, you should consider those poor, fragile wine critics that are being crucified daily by nasty wine bloggers. How thick is your skin, Joe?

All prodding aside, Joe, don’t be saddened at the prospect of being labeled “Joe The Plumber” the rest of your life. Hell, take a look at other people we’ve pigeon holed: Jimmy The Greek, Andre The Giant, Ivan The Terrible, Mott the Hoople (that counts, right?) and Irma La Douce. See, things could be worse—you could have been Joe The Douc(h)e. So come join us gastronomes, and shoosh away your troubles with a nice bottle of Cali Cab (lest we give those Frenchies any more of our down-trodden dollars). You can use it to wash down that pride of yours you just swallowed as well.

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1 Coupe 60 October 16, 2008

I did not realize Gary’s camerman had a nickname…

I wonder if we should call him “The Hoople” when we see him in the store


2 Katie Pizzuto October 16, 2008

Or Hoople for short, but I concur.


3 Alexander October 16, 2008

McCain is burying himself deeper and deeper. I used to think that this was going to be an easy win election for McCain once Hillary was out of the running, but his choice as VP and the current state of the economy is killing him. Although he claims otherwise, I know that he despises GW. He cost him the Rep nomination in 2000 with some really nasty smear campaigns. It took him a while to get over that, in fact it wasn’t probably until he was looking as the clear front runner for the GOP nod, that he started publicly claiming his “great friendship” with Bush. But now?? Ha! GW’s disgraceful…yes, I said “disgraceful”, especially to all those jerk off extreme righties who say that this is not his fault and how they like to take you back in time some ten odd years ago when my face was still covered and acne and try to have me believe that our current situation was a direct result of decisions made then!!! How fucking stupid is that?……anyway, GW’s almost cartoon-like presidency has put America in deep sh!t after 8 years, and my guesstimation is that the public will turn against the GOP because of it. Even if the alternative is a non-experienced, minority president (which is probably not a bad thing…..JUST A FIRST) bearing two of the most hated names in Eastern lexicon…you couldn’t make this stuff up!

I am not voting. I am disenfranchised with Washington and I have a right to be. None of these options resemble anything that I would like to have represent the United States of America in the whitehouse. Whatever happend to great presidents and great leaders?? George Washington, John Adams, Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt, Christ, even Ronald Reagan.

I read a great article the other day. If I find it, I’ll send it, but it basically talked about how the public should be less concerned about who’s steering the ship and more-so over all the maintenance guys (your local politicians). I kinda like that idea.


4 smokenmirrors October 16, 2008

Dude you have to vote
From your above post you make some good points.
After eight years of bullshit we have all been disenfranchised by Washington. We would fall perfectly into their plans if we didnt cast a vote(imo) All the more reason to consider voting for a bright guy who although his experience is limited- he is a breath of fresh air.
He has some interesting plans. He’s thinking and talking out of the box….could be what this nation needs right now. fwiw I voted for Obama already- my ballot was mailed Monday.
Consider forgetting about that Hussein middle name thing and give Barry Obama a shot!


5 Anthony October 16, 2008

Wow, that was a great entry and i salute katie for it. I also salute the comments, they were great. On another note: Hey Joe the plumber what about ALLLLLLLLL business’ with taxes, economy, etc. Like my business, floor covering, which by the way is HURTING. Anyway, great stuff.


6 Linsey October 16, 2008

I dont even pretend to understand 50% of the American system – I got confused with the caucauses system alone. I am trying to keep up with the presidential debates – and actually wish we had the same type of debates in the UK.

All Americans with the right to vote though should though, I always vote here. Alexander, it is worth reconsidering your decision not to.

I am impressed by the statistical knowledge that the candidates have though – seemingly without too many notes either – they have been very well briefed.

We don’t forget here in the UK that the election of the right president there will effect not only USA but the rest of the world too, both business wise and political decisions wise.


7 Kyle (the locksmith) October 16, 2008

Katie, outstanding entry! I hope that everyone who can vote will vote…. Anthony, ALLLLLLLLLL business’ is right, I am slow enough that I had to take another job (thank God that I was able to find one).
Both of our choices scare me, I guess that I have to vote for the one that scares me just a little bit less that the other, go McCain.


8 Katie Pizzuto October 17, 2008

Linsey, for what it’s worth, it’s often a lot of smoke & mirrors….unfortunately it has become a 2-party system, and other people that often have great things to say (i.e. Ron Paul) don’t get the appropriate time on their soapbox, so the debates aren’t fair. As far as statistical knowledge…anyone can spew out numbers, but it doesn’t make them accurate. In fact, there are websites devoted to calling out politicians when they give you disinformation.

But you most certainly are right…for better or worse, our election effects the rest of the world drastically.

Thanks all for your comments! NOW VOTE PEOPLE!!


9 Jeff October 17, 2008

If I really get going here, (Katie knows this), I could easily write a novella. So I’ll stay on topic and simply say that Joe the Plumber’s time in the spotlight speaks VOLUMES about what is VERY wrong with this nevertheless wonderful country. ;-P


10 Linsey October 17, 2008

lol, when is politics not smoke and mirror?

Saying that though, if you compare the way the Americans politicians achieve it to the British ones, you are better. Hehe

Guess at least in USA you vote for the person you want to make the laws and take the decisions directly – in the UK you vote for the local party politician and they total all those up at the end of the day. Which party gets the most members of parliament gets power and their leader the big job. Hence the Labour party managed to gain power with only 30-35% of the public vote.


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