“What’s your name, little girl, what’s your name?…”

by Katie Pizzuto on September 25, 2008

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After blowing, yes BLOWING, $100K and 365 days of precious time, Temecula Valley tourism officials have opted to go with “Southern California Wine Country” as the area’s new slogan. File this under “WTF” and call it a day because if stating the obvious is the way to go in wine marketing these days, I’ve got that covered and will charge much less! The reason for their choice, they claimed, is that many people, including Californians, don’t know where the hell Temecula Valley is. If that’s truly your problem, then print up a ton of maps, circle the valley in red and write “more good juice here, too”. But honestly, a hundred grand for a slogan that entices absolutely no one?!? Not only do I have the wrong kind of clients (those who actually want something for their money) but it’s nice to see that in this down economy people are still willing to fork over the greenbacks for a song and dance.

So, listen up, I’m for hire, too. Here are a few other wine regions that could save themselves a shitload of money in market research by stating the obvious (you’ll be getting my invoice shortly): New Jersey – “Lousy Wine Every Exit on the Turnpike”; Long Island – “East of Jersey, Better Wine”; and last, but not least, Alaska – “Wine Only a Pitbull Could Love”.

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1 Coupe 60 September 25, 2008

“So, listen up, I’m for hire, too”

Details Wench, details?


2 Katie Pizzuto September 26, 2008

As marketing guru, Coupe, M-A-R-K-E-T-I-N-G G-U-R-U 🙂


3 Coupe 60 September 26, 2008

That’s what I was guessing Katie…I wanted to know the details behind it..please get your mind out of the gutter


4 Alexander October 3, 2008

I suppose they are just trying to appeal to a broad audience. There should be no difference in trying to sell wine in a market called “Temecula” and a market called “Southern California”…especially for enthusiasts. But this hearkens me to the whole “Los Angeles Angeles” thing, even though they are no where near the big city. BTW, I know where Temecula is and if I must say that if I were to think “Southern California wine”, I would think Temecula….but then again, that’s only because I lived there. Great little town that takes pride in their wine making!!


5 John October 10, 2008

I love New Jersey wine. It’s the only wine in the world that goes well with Mallomars.


6 Katie Pizzuto October 10, 2008

John, perhaps you should lead a discussion on food/wine pairing….I think NJ Wine and Mallomars would actually work!!


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